Teachers dressed up in sombreros, mustaches in school yearbook spark controversy

Teachers dressed up in sombreros, mustaches in school yearbook spark controversy

A colorful sombrero hangs on a wall. Teachers at a California high school sparked a controversy when they donned sombreros and mustaches for their yearbook photos. Photo: Pixabay

Teachers at a California high school are at the center of a controversy over the way they dressed for their yearbook photos.

Some of the educators in the World Language program at San Pasqual High School in Escondido thought it would be fun to dress up for their yearbook photos in a way that represented the language they taught.

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When the senior yearbooks were handed out Monday, some students and faculty were surprised at the sight of the language teachers wearing sombreros and mustaches and the French teacher wearing a beret and sunglasses.

The school district released a statement calling the photos "culturally insensitive and in poor judgement," KGTV reported.

The school’s principal, Martin Casas, said he’ll use the situation as a teachable moment.

"San Pasqual High School takes pride in its rich history and diversity. It is our intent to use this situation as a tool to remind students, as well as staff, to remember the impacts of their words and actions. We are committed to continuing our efforts to ensure all students, families and staff feel welcome and valued," he said, according to the news station.

At least one parent told KGTV that he felt a little ambivalent about the photos.

“They could be offensive if they’re making fun of us. But it could be something honorable if they’re trying to do honor to the Mexican culture,” Martin Reyes, the father of a San Pasqual student, said.

“It would be better without the big mustache and hats.”