Police officer throws birthday party for homeless man

ODESSA, Texas — Odessa police Cpl. Roland Heyne first met Anthony Ramsey about a month ago at a convenience store he goes to while on duty.

Ramsey, who’s homeless, left an indelible mark on Heyne.

"A lot of people have had interactions (with Ramsey), where he's given them a lot, and given them labor and assistance in things," Heyne told KOSA. "I think to myself, Anthony, everything he owns is pretty much what you see on him right now. It's what he's wearing, it's what he's carrying with him and at the end of the night he has to sleep on the ground."

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So, with help from his wife, Heyne assembled a cake, decorations and gifts, to give Ramsey a birthday to remember on Saturday.

"I can't believe it, everybody that's done this for me, surprised me, and you know, I never had this done before," Ramsey, who turned 37, told KOSA. "I appreciate the people who did this for me and really care about me."

Ramsey rode his bicycle to the area looking for work about five months ago. He has gotten the occasional odd job but is hopeful for something more permanent.

The Heyne family set up a PayPal account to help Ramsey as he searches for a job. Heyne is thankful for the support the community gave Ramsey for his birthday party.

“I think good people came together and saw a person that needed a good birthday and that’s what they did,” Heyne said. “Gave him a good birthday, I’m grateful for that.”