Naked man wanders into North Carolina homes, spooks residents

Residents in a Mooresville, North Carolina, community are on high alert after a naked stranger walked into multiple homes before Christmas.

"It's been a little tense since that happened," resident Haley Pickens said.

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The bizarre behavior is almost beyond belief, Pickens said. A naked man walked through the back door of her house at 11 p.m. while her 2-year-old and 11-year-old children were sleeping. The family dog started barking.

"My fiance noticed blood on our light switch, so then he freaked out," she said.

Pickens said her dog bit the intruder in the kitchen and chased him out of her house while she ran to check on her daughters.

After the man left the house, a stunned neighbor watched him cross the street and go inside a second home.

In that house, neighbors said he was chased back outside. At that point, he ran behind a couple of houses, climbed over a fence and disappeared.

Several questions are still burning in the minds of concerned neighbors, such as who the man is and why is he not wearing clothes.

"Was this man on drugs? Will he hurt someone?" resident Laura Thomas said.

"A detective called me yesterday and said they were still actively looking, they hope, they think, he just had mental issues," Pickens said.

Six days earlier, a naked man was spotted walking along an interstate, but it is unclear if that is the same person. Spooked neighbors are shoring up their home security.

"We went through every closet, under every place that somebody that someone might could get to," Thomas said.

Pickens said she's still bothered by the night that was so disturbing, she's had trouble sleeping.

"It's just creepy because it is quiet around here, nice little neighborhood with kids, so I'm a little creeped out now," she said.

At this time, there's no word on whether investigators have identified the man.