Man meets officer who saved him during Orlando shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Massachusetts man who was shot multiple times in the Orlando, Florida massacre was reunited with the officer who saved his life.

Angel Colon was shot six times in the Pulse nightclub Sunday morning.

“I’m on the floor, I’m in pain, I can’t move, I can’t walk,” he said.

Colon thought he was going to bleed to death, but Eatonville Police Officer Omar Delgado dragged him to safety.

“He yells ‘Who’s alive?' I start yelling, ‘I’m alive, please grab me, please grab me,’” Colon said.

On Tuesday, Colon spoke to WFXT and said he wanted to meet the officer who saved his life.

On Thursday he finally got the chance.

“I’m one of the ones that helped you get out of harm’s way,” Delgado said. “I’m so glad you are doing good, I’m so glad you are alive.”

Colon still has a long road to recovery, but he said he is thankful for all of the support from friends and strangers here in Massachusetts.

“The love is so overwhelming in a good way that is keeping me going right now,” he said.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help Colon pay for the medical treatment and upcoming therapy.