• Influenza surveillance map: Where is the flu in my state?

    By: Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    The last week of 2017 saw a sharp increase in cases of influenza in the United States, with 46 states reporting widespread flu. 

    The bad news is that the peak of this year’s season is just getting underway.

    Health officials are saying the season is shaping up to be a particularly severe one, with the number of flu cases reported at nearly four times the number of cases at the same time last year.

    "This is a bad bug," Dr. Daniel Jernigan, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza Division, said. "What we're seeing this year, the influenza season started earlier and seems to be peaking right about now. That's about a month earlier than it normally would be peaking," he said, "so lots of cases are happening, in lots of states, all at the same time.”

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    H3N2 is the strain of flu that has been seen most this season, and it has proven to be a deadly strain. At least 13 children in the United States have died from the flu this season.

    "In years when there is H3N2, we do see that there are more deaths,” Jernigan said.

    It’s not too late to get a flu inoculation, CDC officials said this week. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. 

    The CDC tracks information about the spread of the flu using data sent from state health departments to create and maintain an “influenza surveillance map.” The map shows the number of flu cases reported to each state’s health department and where the flu is hitting the hardest.

    Below are the links to each state’s health department, where localized information about influenza can be found. Click on the website and look for a listing called “Surveillance Reports,” or “Surveillance Maps,” then look for the week’s report to give you the latest information.

    Click here for more information on this year’s flu, and here for information for parents about children and the flu.  




    1. Alabama 
    2. Alaska 
    3. Arizona
    4. Arkansas 
    5. California
    6. Colorado
    7. Connecticut 
    8. Delaware
    9. District of Columbia 
    10. Florida
    11. Georgia 
    12. Hawaii 
    13. Idaho
    14. Illinois 
    15. Indiana
    16. Iowa 
    17. Kansas 
    18. Kentucky 
    19. Louisiana
    20. Maine
    21. Maryland
    22. Massachusetts
    23. Michigan 
    24. Minnesota 
    25. Mississippi
    26. Missouri 
    27. Montana 
    28. Nebraska
    29. Nevada 
    30. New Hampshire
    31. New Jersey
    32. New Mexico 
    33. New York 
    34. North Carolina 
    35. North Dakota
    36. Ohio 
    37. Oklahoma 
    38. Oregon 
    39. Pennsylvania 
    40. Rhode Island
    41. South Carolina 
    42. South Dakota 
    43. Tennessee 
    44. Texas 
    45. Utah
    46. Vermont 
    47. Virginia 
    48. Washington 
    49. West Virginia 
    50. Wisconsin
    51. Wyoming 








    Robert Garner, 71, receives a flu shot, offered free by the city of Chicago from registered nurse Betty Lewis October 12, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. (Tim Boyle/Getty Images)







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