Honest kids' menu at deli makes parents chuckle

ALTOONA, Pa. — Parents know how frustrating it can be when dining out with children, who are often picky or indecisive. A deli in Pennsylvania has developed a menu for kids that addresses those issues perfectly.

The Deli at Mansion Park in Altoona offers a kids’ menu with items like, “I Don’t Know,” which is a hot dog with french fries and “I’m Not Hungry,” which is a grilled cheese with french fries. Indifferent kids can order “I Don’t Care,” which is chicken tenders with french fries. For stubborn kids who don’t want anything on the menu, there’s “I Don’t Want That,” which is fish sticks with french fries.

Customer Nick Moist posted an image of the menu on Reddit, where it quickly went viral, receiving a great deal of support from parents. Deli manager Brian Stroh told The Huffington Post that the menu has been a hit since it was unveiled in September.