Holy traffic stop Batman: Police officer pulls over the Dark Knight

FILE PHOTO: A man, dressed as Batman and driving a Batmobile, was recently pulled over in Ontario.

Batman recently found himself on the other side of the law briefly. Stephen Lawrence, who dons the cowl and cape of the Dark Knight, was recently seen on the berm of a road in Ontario, pulled over by police.

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But it wasn't because the Batmobile Lawrence was driving had a broken taillight, or he didn't signal a lane change. (Wait does the Batmobile even have turn signals?) Rather, the officer was a fan who had to get a photo with "Batman," CBC reported.

The photo opportunity all started as Lawrence was driving home from an appearance.

He noticed that other drivers were taking photos of him in full costume behind the wheel of his street-legal Batmobile.

He asked for help from police to get other drivers to play it safe and stop taking pictures.

"I try to avoid this because not only is it illegal, but also unsafe," Lawrence told the CBC.

He continued his drive, then noticed flashing lights behind him.

“I pulled over, jumped out and I asked the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) officer, ‘Is everything OK?,’” Lawrence said.

The officer told him that she just wanted a picture.

Lawrence, who has been putting on the Batman costume for 20 years, says it isn't the first time, or the last, for posing with police, CBC reported.

Video of the Dark Knight, police encounter was posted to Reddit.