Dog bites off 4-year-old's arm as child tries to pet it, reports say

Dog Bites off 4-Year-Old Boy’s Arm

LAYTON, Utah — A 4-year-old Utah boy underwent surgery after a neighbor’s dog ripped his arm off Sunday afternoon, according to news reports.

The incident happened in Layton, a town in northern Utah, when the boy, who was playing in his backyard, reached through the neighbor's chain-link fence to pet a husky, according to KUTV.

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The dog bit off the child's lower arm with the hand attached, the news station reported. Rescue crews were able to find the dog, one of two huskies in the yard, but not the child's arm.

The boy was taken to Primary Children's Hospital and was in stable condition ahead of surgery, Layton fire officials said on social media.

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