• Body camera video released of Ohio news photographer shot by deputy

    By: Dayton Daily News and Katherine Collins


    Body camera video released by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office shows Deputy Jacob Shaw’s actions in the shooting of news photographer Andy Grimm. The video shows Shaw open his cruiser door and, without word, fire two shots. 

    Andy Grimm begins to yell in pain and Shaw runs to him. “I thought that was a freaking gun Andy,” Shaw said. 

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    Shaw calls for an ambulance and applies pressure to the gunshot wound. “I love you. I’m sorry brother,” he said. 

    Grimm asks multiple times for his wife to be called and for his camera bag to be brought with him to the hospital. “I thought you saw me wave,” Grimm said. 

    Grimm can also be heard saying he doesn’t want Shaw to lose his job. 

    “You didn’t mean it, I know,” he said.

    Warning, the video may be shocking to some viewers:

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