911 refuses to send officer, fire department to get baby out of locked car

WATERFORD, Mich. — A Michigan mother is holding her baby a little closer after her 2-month-old daughter got locked inside a car on a hot day.

Lacey Guyton said she was putting her daughter Raina in her car seat when the doors locked. The keys and Raina were locked inside, WJBK reported.

Guyton grabbed a chunk of asphalt that was near the car and banged it on the window to try to break it. At the same time her grandmother, Mary Riley, called 911 for help.

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But the dispatcher told Riley they can’t unlock cars and that she could transfer Riley to a tow truck company.

Guyton said she didn't know how long she had until Raina would pass out, so she called 911 again and got the same dispatcher. This time she asked for the fire department to come help rescue her child, WJBK reported.

The dispatcher was recorded telling Guyton, "I could send a wrecker service. They will charge you, but the fire department doesn't come out for that," WJBK reported.

Eventually, without the help of emergency services, Guyton found a tool that would smash through the car’s window.

Raina was taken inside after about 10 minutes of being locked in the car and cooled down, WJBK reported.

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Waterford Police Chief Scott Underwood admits mistakes were made and said steps will be taken, including more training on how to handle similar calls.

The dispatcher, whom Underwood described as a veteran dispatcher, will face disciplinary action, WJBK reported.

Guyton said it shouldn’t be a call that needs specific training.

"I do appreciate their apology," she told WJBK. "But it's not something that needs any training to know. It's common sense. You send help when someone is begging you to come help them save their child out of a hot car."