18-month-old found alone in shopping cart in Target parking lot

EASTON, MASS. — Police are investigating after a child was found in a shopping cart alone outside a Target in Massachusetts.

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Authorities said the boy, who is about 18 months old, was found around 1 p.m. Saturday in Easton.

The boy was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for further evaluation, but police said he appeared to be unharmed.

Authorities said two men and two women were seen on security camera from inside and outside the store with the child who was left behind, and a witness also confirmed the sighting to police.

A man called police a short time after the incident to say he accidentally left a baby in a shopping cart at Target, over an hour after the child was found at the store, authorities said.

Easton residents were shocked after the incident, including Chris Shatas, a father of three.

Shatas said that, while things get hectic with his children, it shouldn't be an excuse.

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"It would be hard to forget her, but she would let you know if you weren't around," Shatas said. "I don't know, it would be difficult to leave someone behind.

The incident is under investigation by Easton police and the Department of Children and Families, and there is no word on whether any charges have been filed.

"It's scary to think about because she's always on my mind," Shatas said. "But, being a parent, you just never know what's going through someone's mind, or what they're going through. It doesn't excuse the behavior. I would hope this is a lesson.