Jesse Jones investigates mailers called ‘deceptive as all-get-out’

VIDEO: Jesse Jones investigates mailers called 'deceptive as all-get-out'

Magazine mailer are being sent to local residents asking for $200.

It looks like a bill – but it’s not.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson called it “deceptive as all-get-out.” He said it’s unlawful, and people can't do it.

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Jesse Jones found a case where the mailer was sent to a 100-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s asking her to pay double for a subscription.

Small print. Big money. A huge national issue.

Now that Jesse brought it to the attention of investigators, the feds are involved.

Deceptive Mailers

Have you ever confused junk mail for a bill? Jesse Jones investigates this huge national issue tonight at 5:30 on KIRO 7 News.

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Tuesday, February 11, 2020