• Thousands want 'Amazon Mom' program to change name

    By: Siemny Kim


    A campaign is calling on Amazon to change its “Amazon Mom” program to "Amazon Family." 
    “Amazon Mom” is a membership program that offers deals on baby supplies.

    Supporters accuse the tech giant of reinforcing stereotypes that don't apply to many families.
    When father Jim Straub first looked into "Amazon Mom," he got confused.
    “When my partner and I were first signing up, we had a moment of wondering, ‘Oh wait, can I sign up?'” Straub said.
    The terms of service state it's open to anyone.
    But the name tells a different story.

    “It's stereotypical and a little sexist, I suppose,” Straub said.
    "Being the at-home dad, I found it very annoying it was just directed at mom,” Jeffrey Harrington said.
    Harrington, from Topeka, Kansas, created a petition online urging founder Amazon Jeff Bezos to change "Amazon Mom" to "Amazon Family," which is what it’s called in other parts of the world.
    “It's ill informed,” Harrington added. “Their marketing team isn't willing to look beyond that people think moms are the ones that take care of children.”
    Harrington started the petition two years ago, but it’s gotten renewed interest after a big supporter of the petition and popular dad blogger died.
    Now other dads are trying to get the name changed in his honor, using this hashtag #AmazonFamilyUS.
    “They should include me, all the men who contribute to the lives of their children,” dad Naji Naasif said.
    “It seems like the definition of family is changing, so why not include everybody,” mother Dana Marsteller said.
    It's evident  at one Green Lake playground where you see a number of dads with their little ones.
    For these parents, a name change makes sense.
    “Amazon Mom is a little biased and I know my husband is around as much as I am,” Ashley Van Oss said.

    Harrington said he's never heard from Amazon.
    KIRO 7 put in a phone call and sent an email to Amazon, but has not heard back.

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