Strippers to judge: Keep our real names private

Strippers are fighting to keep their real names and addresses private – and Thursday morning a federal judge sided with them.
A Pierce County man, David Van Vleet, filed a public disclosure request for information related to the businesses licenses of workers at Fox's strip club in Parkland.
Strippers and club managers are required to get an entertainer's license from the city before starting working, according to state law. The annual fee is $75.
Van Vleet said the license information should be available under the state's public disclosure law. Strippers said releasing their real names and other information would violate their privacy and threaten their ability to continue working.
U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton agreed the strippers' should keep most of their valuable assets should remain private. He issued a preliminary injunction keeping Van Vleet form getting the information through public disclosure.
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