• State welcomes new ferry to Puget Sound

    By: Maria Guerrero


    Washington transportation leaders christened a new ferry Thursday.

    It will provide service between Mukilteo and Clinton for the next six decades.

    "May good fortune smile upon her and all who sail on her,” Lynn Peterson said as she smashed a champagne bottle against the bulwark.

    Peterson is Washington state’s secretary of transportation.

    Tokitae is the first of three new vessels that can carry 144 vehicles. They will replace aging and smaller ferries.

    Tokitae is expected to make its first trip from Mukilteo to Clinton this summer - possibly June.

    Head of the state's ferry system David Moseley attended his fourth and final christening.

    "It's been a great joy and a lot of work," Moseley told the crowd.

    Afterward KIRO 7 asked Mosley about his upcoming resignation in April.

    "It's time to go,” he said. “I'm proud of what we've done." 

    Peterson said a committee will be formed to find Mosley's replacement.

    "From being able to keep down the average age of our fleet down by getting more ferries into the system is going to take someone who knows how to work with the legislature," Peterson said.

    The total budget for all three ferries: 387 million federal and state dollars.

    Roughly a million hours went into building Tokitae.

    It created 500 well-paying jobs for union workers.

    "It helps all of our families, working in Seattle. It's great. Keep the ferries here in Seattle where they need to be built," worker Scott Mayfield said.

    These same workers will take on the second and third vessels next.

    "’Tokitae’ is a Coast Salish greeting meaning ‘Nice day, pretty colors,’" according to WSDOT’s website.

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