Police confident human remains are those of missing mother

Human remains found in a Central District recycling bin have been tentatively identified as that of a missing Renton mother of three children, according to Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole.

Key developments: 

  • Resident found human remains in recycling bin at 4 p.m. Saturday
  • A homicide sergeant confirmed the remains to be human
  • Based on evidence recovered, police have tentatively connected the cases
  • John Charlton, from Snohomish County, has been taken into custody
  • Police located connected vehicle after opening search to public: a 2015 Toyota Highlander with WA license plate AUW3230
  • Vehicle found late Monday in downtown Seattle

John Charlton, 37, in custody for the murder of missing woman Ingrid Lyne, 40.

Police provided a timeline of events during its Monday news conference where they connected the weekend cases.

Human body parts found in Central District recycling bin on Saturday night.

A resident made the horrifying discovery at about 4 p.m. Saturday near the 1600 block of 21st  Avenue and Pine, Seattle police said.

The man had returned from an out-of-town trip when he spotted something disturbing inside his recycling bin.  He asked another neighbor to verify what he was seeing and they called 911.

Police said the human remains were packaged inside plastic bags and dumped in the bin. A homicide sergeant confirmed the remains to be human.

That evening, Seattle police learned of a missing person case in Renton.

Swedish Medical Center confirmed Sunday that Ingrid Lyne, a nurse employed by the nonprofit health provider, had been reported missing.

Neighbors say Lyne, a 40-year-old Renton woman, went missing Friday night after attending the Mariner’s home opener in Seattle with a date.

Family members told KIRO 7 News that John Charlton is the man who took Lyne on a date.

According to neighbors, Seattle police showed up at her house late Saturday night and were there for several hours.

Friends said her disappearance was extremely out of character for the woman. Lyne's car was also missing.

Seattle police arrived at Lyne's home again Monday night.

O’Toole said the investigation is ongoing.

John Charlton, 37, is suspected of having murdered Lyne.

O'Toole said police arrested Charlton Monday morning in Snohomish County. He's been booked into jail on investigation of homicide.

“We know he had some criminal history, and what is being run down now is if he has any, like, type[s] [of] crimes of this nature,” Seattle Assistant Police Chief Robert Merner said.

Merner also said he thought there was some violent crime in Charlton’s past.

So far, all KIRO 7 has been able to confirm is one count of theft in Montana and several traffic violations in Washington -- including driving under the influence.

A woman who knew Charlton as a child described him as a nice guy who could charm most people.

She also noted a strange post on his Facebook page reading, "Started School at All OF Them."

It was shared Saturday morning -- after Lyne disappeared, but before police found her body.

KIRO 7 also went to the house in Lake Stevens where Charlton was recently living.

Neighbors said they saw him and his truck in passing, but he never really spoke to anyone. A woman who came to the door of the house said, “no comment,” and quickly ducked back inside.

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