• Thieves target gym locker rooms, steal cards and cash

    By: Shelby Miller


    THURSTON COUNTY - Police are investigating a string of locker room thefts in Thurston County. 

    Lacey police said the suspects use fake names to get inside gyms. They then steal bank cards and cash from lockers. 

    "They go to the locker room, grab a locker, see if there's anything in it, and just walk out like any normal member," said Thrive Community Fitness owner Paul MacLurg. 

    MacLurg said two thieves came to his business Sunday. 

    Since August, police have received at least a dozen locker room theft reports. 

    Most of them have been at LA Fitness. 

    "It is very disturbing because I use this gym a lot," said LA Fitness member Dave Steinberg. 

    "They actually have pictures of people they suspect and they let you know there are locker room thefts and car thefts," said LA Fitness member Terri Newman.

    According to police, the crimes also happened at Planet Fitness and Thrive Community Fitness.

    The suspects use fake names to fill out guest passes. They then go to the locker room and rummage around. 

    "Everyone's got their headphones in, so no one's really paying attention. I don't really pay attention, honestly, to who's going through what locker or anything like that," said LA Fitness member Darius Blackman. 

    The thieves search for open lockers or weak locks they can cut. 

    "Criminals are looking for crimes of opportunity, so if they have to work at something longer than they feel comfortable they'll move on to the next easier target," said Lacey Police Department Detective Sgt. Jaime Newcomb. 

    The thieves steal bank cards and cash, which they've used to buy electronics and hundreds of dollars' worth of gift cards.  

    "There's evil in the world and people make evil choices," said MacLurg.

    Police believe at least some of the crimes are connected. 

    Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to call the Lacey Police Department. 

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