Thieves steal man's car with dog inside

VIDEO: Thieves steal man's car with dog inside

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — A group of thieves took off with a man’s car that was parked at a Federal Way gas station, speeding off with his dog inside.

“I see him running, he’s running and I see his hands go up and he’s running towards the car and I look up and I see my dog in the car going while my husband is out of the car,” said Ripsy Nagra, the man’s wife.

Nagra said she’s been in a state of shock all day. She was sitting in her car parked at the Chevon gas station on Enchanted Parkway South in Federal Way when thieves jumped into her husband’s Mercedes and sped away just before 10 a.m. Friday. Their 7-year-old dog, Elizabeth, was trapped inside.

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“A dog is just like having baby, it’s a kid. The lesser concern is my car, but my dog is in that car,” she said.

Nagra immediately began chasing the car.

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“I just kept on going, all the way down, 3, 4 miles I kept on chasing him, cutting all the red lights, cameras, I don’t know, God knows what else, it was a mess,” she said.

Nagra said suddenly, a car door opened, and Elizabeth was pushed out into the street. The stolen car kept going.

“She’s limping and she’s not doing well, and she’s probably going through emotions too right now,” said Nagra.

Nagra and her husband, Sukhmeet Rathore, said they get gas at the Chevon station all the time. Rathore said the card reader wasn’t working Friday, so he went inside to pay and left his keys in the car.

“The car is gone, we can’t find the guy. I’ve been on the phone all day talking to insurance because my credit cards were stolen, too, and a lot of other stuff in the car,” he said.

Rathore also lost his cellphone, wallet, laptops and even his wedding ring.

“Our life is kind of in danger, I mean, we are coming to this gas station and it’s a pretty busy place, but still, we are getting robbed,” he said.

The couple is thankful Elizabeth is safe. Now, they hope Federal Way police can track down their stolen car.

Rathore said his car is a black Mercedes-Benz S550 with black tinted windows and Washington license plate BFF1900.

A manager inside the gas station told KIRO 7 the incident was captured on surveillance video and has been handed over to police.