Tacoma man accused of attacking pregnant woman with an ax

TACOMA, Wash. — A pregnant woman said a homeless man tried to attack her with an ax in Tacoma.

Jonathan Carroll is charged with assault in the second degree.

The woman said she was in her car outside Beacon Center on Monday.

She says she started to have labor pains and as she yelled out in pain, Carroll came to the car and yelled at her to shut up.

The woman says he left but returned with an ax, raised it as if he was going to hit her but her boyfriend stepped in and shoved Carroll away.

She says Carroll then returned a third time and swung the axe at her.

The woman says she had to move out of the way to avoid being hit by the ax.

According to court documents, as people around the area noticed the situation, several stepped in and began to fight with Carroll.

Prosecutors say Carroll hit one of those bystanders on the head with a chain.

Carroll told police he lived in a nearby camp and was defending himself from the boyfriend who “swung on him.”

Carroll claims the group of people attacked him and started to throw rocks at him and that’s when he grabbed the axe to defend himself.

Carroll said the group left, but returned to throw rocks again.

He said he tried to leave but the crowd followed and beat him up.

Police say witnesses confirmed the report of Carroll swinging the axe at the pregnant woman.

Carroll remains in the Pierce County Jail.