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Tacoma considering more sanctioned homeless camps

TACOMA, Wash. — The Tacoma City Council will take on the issue of allowing more sanctioned homeless camps within city limits.

According to the meeting agenda, the number of sanctioned homeless camps the city is considering went up from two to six.

Last year, the city declared a state of public health emergency on its homeless issue.  Officials set up temporary shelters.

Reporter Patranya Bhoolsuwan is breaking down the changes the City Council will consider in live reports during our morning news. >>

The proposal is to change city municipal code to let religious groups or non-profits host shelters on land they own.

The city says the goal is to get people off the streets and into help.

The six shelters or camps will not be clustered and are instead meant to be spread out to two per police sector.

Groups will need background and warrant checks for residents, as well as shower and trash facilities.