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Six card skimmers found on gas pumps in Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. — If you filled up your tank at an Olympia gas station recently, you may want to check your credit or debit card for unexpected charges.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said six credit/debit card skimmers were found inside gas pumps at the Tri Lake Market at 8031 Yelm Hwy SE.

Investigators said the skimmers had been in place since August 30.  They have since been removed and officers are looking for the suspects.

Thieves use skimmers to capture credit or debit card information when a card is swiped through a reader. A small device then records all the information contained in the card’s magnetic stripe.   Small cameras are also sometimes placed over ATMs to record someone entering their PIN.

The balance says there are few things that could indicate that a machine has a skimmer.

  • Parts of the reader are loose or move when jiggled
  • The card reader sticks are far past the panel
  • A voided security seal
  • A pinpad that is thicker than usual.

If you find charges on your credit or debit card that are not yours, you should contact your financial institution immediately.