Police investigate 2 car arsons in Tacoma

VIDEO: Cars set on fire in Tacoma

It was around 6:45 Tuesday morning when Ruben Sanchez heard someone at his door and woke up to find a car on fire outside this home.

“The gentleman across the street came over here pounding on the door saying there was a car on fire,” Sanchez said.

A car parked on the street was ablaze and neighbors said they saw the arsonist.

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“A person across the street stated that they seen a gentleman in camouflage with a gas can coming down from that way,” said Sanchez.

This is the second instance of car arson on South 84th Sreet since Sunday. It was also around six that morning that someone set a neighbor's car ablaze as it sat parked in a driveway.

The back end of car was blackened and a tire partially melted from the flames. A trash can that was nearby was also badly damaged.

Whoever set Tuesday’s fire also tried to torch Sanchez's wife's SUV breaking a window and throwing a rag onto the front seat.

“They threw a rag in there with gasoline which didn’t catch,” said Sanchez.

Tacoma police believe the arson is the work of the same person but at this point have no suspects and no motive for the crimes.

“They appear related only in that they were near one another in the 1600 block of South 84th Street,” said Tacoma police spokesperson Officer Shelbie Boyd.

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