Maple Valley burglar seen on surveillance camera arrested

A brazen burglar who was caught on surveillance camera earlier in April walking into a Maple Valley home with people still there was arrested last week.

King County sheriff's spokesman Ryan Abbott said she told deputies she saw herself on KIRO 7 and that "it was just a matter of time" before she was caught.

The burglary happened on 244th Avenue Southeast in Maple Valley. No one was hurt, but the burglar made off with one of the homeowners' purse and the couple's peace of mind.

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It was still light outside at 5:30 p.m. Friday when the burglar showed up. In fact, the homeowners were outside enjoying the evening. But they had their garage door open, and a woman decided to take advantage of that.

"Then we could see this lady just walk right through here like she knew exactly where she was going," said homeowner Jaclyne Bohren.

She and her boyfriend, Brandon Lee, captured the incident on video. It shows a woman casually walking into their open garage, just a few feet from where they were sitting by a fire pit. She passed right by the cameras they have outside their Maple Valley home.

"I usually set my purse in this area and I said that's weird that's it not there," said Jaclyne, standing in her living room.

She says they realized something was wrong when she couldn't find her purse anywhere in the house. So her boyfriend scoured their surveillance video.

"And then he saw on cameras that some woman walked out the front door with my purse," she said.

The couple said the woman was in their house for a full two minutes, but the only thing she took was Jaclyne's purse and it has left her feeling violated.

"Maple Valley has changed," said Brandon. "It's a different place now. Lot more crime. I've lived here 27 years, I guess, since I was born. I've definitely seen it change in the last few years, with the growth."

He said the burglary pointed out what he describes as a momentary lapse of judgement.

"I guess I was complacent and should probably keep it (the garage) locked and down all the time," he said. "Set my alarm when I have a fire in my own yard."