• Lime is expanding into Tacoma and bringing electric scooters too

    By: Deedee Sun


    TACOMA, Wash. - Lime -- the last bike share still operating in the Seattle area -- is now in the works to expand into Tacoma and has started a permit application process. 

    The company told KIRO7's Deedee Sun Friday that it’s also bringing electric scooters to the South Sound.

    “Sounds pretty cool, I’d cruise around on them,” said Connor Leckman, who lives in Tacoma. 

    “It’d be way easier to get around places way faster,” said Hannah Gydry, another Tacoma resident.  

    People do seem more wary of the e-scooters. 

    “I've been hit a few times in the Bay Area by people on scooters,” said Matt Hamilton, who recently moved to Tacoma from California. 

    And some people worry there’s not enough infrastructure in Tacoma that supports bikes, especially outside of downtown. 

    Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards says there will be challenges.

    “I would agree that we don't have all the infrastructure we need. But my fear is if we don't start doing something now we would wait for all of the infrastructure to be built, we could be waiting 10, 20 years for things to be perfect,” Woodards said.

    But she’s hopeful Lime is something that will quickly make the city more accessible. 

    “When we talk about affordability in our city, the second most expensive thing in a household is transportation. So when you talk about people who take public transit, they can get off a bus and get on a bike that gets them their last mile home,” Woodard said. 

    If the permit is approved, Lime would start in Tacoma with a 60-day trial. 

    “We’re going to be studying everything we can and I encourage citizens to share your thoughts and concerns so we can get this right for Tacoma,” Woodard said.

    Tacoma residents say they’ve heard of Seattle’s trouble with Lime bikes.

    “They get dumped in the water all the time,” Leckman said.

    “I just haven't heard good things about it in Seattle,” said Jade Knapp, who works in Tacoma.

    But overwhelmingly, people seem excited.

    “Anything that gets us out of a car and on to a bike and gives us the exercise is great,” said Anne Wainwright, who lives in Tacoma.

    There’s no timeline yet for when Lime will start operating in the South Sound. The city said Friday the ball is in Lime’s court – and it’s waiting for the company to officially submit a permit.

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