Burglars smash window, steal $9,000 worth of military equipment from gated community

VIDEO: Burglars steal $9,000 worth of military equipment from gated community

LACEY, Wash. — Surveillance cameras captured a suspect smashing out a truck window and taking off with armfuls of military equipment from Toscana Apartments in Lacey.

“If people are really wanting to steal your stuff, they’re going to find a way,” said resident Shelcy Carpenter.

Lacey police said two men sneaked into the apartment complex around 10 p.m. Sept. 22 in a black Chrysler minivan.

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Video shows the suspects follow a resident through the gated entrance. They then parked their van and walked into an underground garage where they began scoping out cars.

It only took them minutes to break into a truck, pile $9,000 worth of Army gear into their van, and drive away.

“I’m probably going to be much more aware of people coming in behind me and being a little more afraid of coming down to the parking garage by myself,” said resident Teresa Bowie.

Officers said this is the second time this month thieves hit the new Hawks Prairie apartment complex.

“You would hope that the gated community would be enough, but I guess, if they’re hellbent, they’re going to do it anyways,” said Carpenter.

Officers said someone stole bikes from a garage Sept. 11.

Apartment workers posted signs and surveillance pictures by the bike racks to warn residents.

"I luckily haven't had any of my things broken into or stolen, but I just try to keep a watchful eye and make sure everything is out of sight,” said Carpenter.

Anyone with information on the recent crimes is asked to call the Lacey Police Department at 360-459-4333.

The Police Department put out this video showing the suspects. See below:

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