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Knife-wielding woman told police she just wanted to cuddle

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — They’d only been together a couple of weeks, but they’d already moved into a Lakewood apartment together. And when she got home early Friday morning, she wanted to cuddle with her new man.

He didn’t – and then things escalated.

The argument ended when she came after him with a kitchen knife and tried to stab him before being disarmed, according to Pierce County prosecutors.

The 29-year-old Lakewood woman was arraigned Tuesday in Pierce County Superior Court on one count of second-degree assault, and her bail was set at $5,000.

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According to charging documents:

The man was home by himself at their apartment complex in the 6400 block of 88th Street Court Southwest when his girlfriend arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning and wanted to “cuddle” with him, but he didn’t want to.

The argument broke out, and the woman left their bedroom, headed for the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

She started to swing it at him, but he grabbed her wrist, took the knife from her and threw it into the apartment complex’s parking lot as he called 911.

He told police he had only been dating the woman for a couple weeks and that they’d just moved in together a couple days before.

Lakewood police arrived and interviewed the woman. She told them she came home and wanted to cuddle with her new boyfriend, but when she went to kiss him, he didn’t kiss her back.

This enraged the woman.

“The man is supposed to show his woman love and affection, you know what I mean?” she asked the officers.

The woman said the argument moved from the bedroom to the living room when she told her boyfriend to leave.

Her story didn’t add up to the responding officers. She never called the police even though she said she had her phone in her hand, and she never explained why she ended up with the knife.

“OK, you see, I only grabbed the knife to get him away from me, and when he wouldn’t give me back my apartment keys, I swung the knife at him.”

She was arrested.