• Kittens rescued from back of Tacoma garbage truck

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    TACOMA, Wash. - A litter of 2-week-old kittens are recovering after they were found in the back of a garbage truck in Tacoma.

    The News Tribune reports that two were found Friday and the other two survived in the back of the truck over the weekend before they were found Monday morning.        

    “It’s just dumbfounding how cruel some people can be, and insensitive,” Tacoma garbage truck driver Jayme Roberts told the News Tribune.

    It’s unclear if someone put them in the truck intentionally.

    “I thought it was like a dead rat in there and then I saw movement and then I saw his tail and I knew it wasn’t a rat in there at that point,” said Ryan Gibson, a driver who found two of the kittens in his garbage truck.

    “And so I reached in and grabbed him and made a little nest on the other side of the truck, made sure he was OK and found the other one on the other side. I was seriously surprised. I just wanted to make sure they were OK and I did the right thing,” he told the News Tribune as he held one of the kittens.

    The kittens are all in good health.

    Two homes are already lined up so the littermates can stay together in pairs.

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