‘It was bone-chilling:' Man carjacked at gunpoint in Pierce County bank parking lot

VIDEO: Man carjacked at gunpoint in Pierce County

A man told KIRO 7 he was carjacked at gunpoint Sunday afternoon by a hooded man after parking at the Pierce County Bank of America on Pacific Avenue South near 114th Street.

"I dropped my debit card and cellphone under the seat, then I go pick it up,” said the man, who asked KIRO 7 to hide his identity. "By the time I pick it up, some guy hops in the backseat with his pistol already drawn, said, 'get out the car.'"

He said he went to the bank between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. and described the gun being pressed to his neck.

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"It was cold, I mean it was bone-chilling,” said the man. “I was scared, then I was like, without any hesitations, like, I hopped outside the car and just ran."

The man said his cellphone was left behind in the car. Unable to call 911 himself, he said he ran to a nearby bus stop and left the area.

"He came, told me what happened and we called the cops immediately,” said the man’s cousin, who also asked for his identity to be concealed.

They told KIRO 7 they later went looking for the car and spotted it near the bank.

"One block away and we saw four people in there,” said the man’s cousin.

The man’s cousin said they circled the block and then followed the car as it started heading north, called 911, but lost the car several blocks away at a red light.

"Hopefully, he gets his car back and nothing like this happens again,” said the man’s cousin.

The man who was carjacked said he didn’t get a good look at the carjacker’s face because he was hooded. His 2015 Silver Dodge Dart has custom black markings on the sides.

"I'm just blessed to be alive,” he said.

KIRO 7 called and emailed the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department with the man’s case number to ask whether deputies had been able to locate the car or identify the suspect. We have not yet heard back.

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