• Fire crew rescues woman from embankment at Point Defiance Park

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    TACOMA, Wash. - A crew with Tacoma Fire rescued a woman stuck on a cliff at Point Defiance Park. 

    Officials said the woman fell 75 to 100 feet about 5:10 p.m. Sunday while taking photos.

    The woman suffered injuries and likely has a broken arm.

    KIRO 7 was told the crew assessed her injuries before figuring the best method of safely removing her from the cliff. 

    She was in stable condition when she was taken to the hospital, officials said.

    Park officials have been taking precautions to try to keep people away from cliff sides.

    Tacoma Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Collins said “They’ve been putting danger signs in starting this year to make people aware of it. So, it is quite a hazard. A lot of the trails run close to the edge in Point Defiance Park.”




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