Fallout continues from teacher strikes in South Sound

VIDEO: Fallout continues from teacher strikes in south sound

Although teachers in some South Sound school districts were able to come to an agreement on pay increases ending strikes, KIRO 7 found out the walkout will cost students.

During the strikes, days were lost and the loss altered the school year calendars.

Because schools face a requirement for the number of days kids are supposed to be in class, now they’ll lose vacation days or deal with a longer school year.

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The Puyallup School District only lost three school days to the walkout, so they’ll only need to add those days back in June.

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For Tacoma, things were a bit more complicated because teachers were out for seven days.

Students will get a shorter Thanksgiving break, meaning they’ll have class on Nov. 21, instead of getting it off.

They also get a shorter winter break, which two days will be taken away. They’ll also spend the first two days in April in class, making for a shorter spring break.

And two days set aside for snow days will also go away.

Tacoma School spokesman Dan Voelpel said losing break time means seniors graduate on schedule, several days ahead of the end of the school year.

“So if we would have added days, say on the end of the school year we would have had to call back seniors after their graduation to come back to school and that wasn't a workable solution, “ Voelpel said.

Back in 2011 when Tacoma teachers were on strike for 10 days, vacation days weren’t taken away.

The district decided this time around the lost breaks were needed to prioritize instruction.