Dupont mayor considers emergency ban on fireworks after he says fireworks caused brush fire

DUPONT, Wash. — Dupont Mayor Mike Courts is considering an emergency ban on fireworks after he says fireworks caused a brush fire on the city’s bluff Sunday.

Courts said the fire was at the end of McNeil Street and was very dry.

Courts said he spent 1 ½ hours with Dupont Fire Chief Mike Keohi on top of a firetruck as crews from Dupont, JBLM, West Pierce and the Washington Department of Natural Resources fought the fire which spread along the bluff onto a hill.

“It was reaching a point where we had to consider evacuation,” Courts said.

A DNR helicopter arrived and began water drops, Courts said.

Courts said a cache of fireworks was recovered.

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Assistant Fire Chief Creekmore said significant smoke is still expected to remain in the area and will get worse overnight.

People were told to consider sleeping with their windows closed if they live in Hoffman Hill and Yehle Village.

Courts said he is meeting with staff the first thing Monday morning to determine what state law allows “relative to a temporary emergency ban on fireworks.”

“Council is aware of this and if it is appropriate and we have the authority, I will convene an emergency council meeting to consider a ban,” Courts said. “The City and I will keep you updated as the situation regarding the actual fire and any potential ban are considered.”

“I cannot over-emphasize how irresponsible and dangerous it is to set fireworks off there, ” Courts said. “We seriously endangered many homes and the safety of hundreds of people."

The mayor also said he wants people to remember fireworks are allowed on the third and fourth of July and can only be used on private property.

Creekmore said the fire is contained and DNR will remain on site overnight.