• City council approves affordable housing requirement for Tacoma neighborhood


    TACOMA, Wash. - Tacoma city leaders approved a plan to address affordable housing concerns in a neighborhood that's expected to see more jobs and construction projects.

    New apartment buildings in the Tacoma Mall area must now put aside some units for affordable housing. 

    The area is designated as the second biggest regional growth center in the city behind the downtown core, according to KIRO 7’s partner, the News Tribune.

    Apartment buildings that have more than 15 units require 10 percent of the building to include affordable housing – for example, four affordable units for a 40-unit building.

    The city council unanimously approved the plan Tuesday night.

    City leaders say people who make half of what is Tacoma’s median income, or about $26,000 a year, will be eligible.

    Eventually, developers will be able to pay a fee instead of including affordable housing in their buildings, the News Tribune said. But the city must first complete a study to determine the fee, which was previously suggested to be $10,000, but will likely increase.

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