Suspect arrested in series of ATM explosions across the South Sound

TACOMA, Wash. — A suspect has been arrested in a series of ATM explosions in Pierce and Thurston counties, with the latest incident happening early Tuesday morning.

Tacoma police said a suspect blew up a Wells Fargo ATM on Pacific Avenue around 3:30 a.m. Neighbors woke up in a panic.

“I just thought it was a large shot gun, but it was way bigger and louder than that,” said Sheali Cummings. “It was very scary. I couldn’t sleep for a long time after that.”

Jason Goudy, 38, was taken into custody Tuesday after a pursuit and K-9 tracking. He is currently in the hospital receiving treatment and is then expected to be booked into Thurston County Jail.

Goudy is believed to be involved with several other ATM explosions in the South Sound over the past few weeks. The arrest was the result of coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies.

Hunter Stallard recorded cellphone video of a Chase ATM on fire near 6th Avenue and Mildred Street last week near his home. He said his girlfriend heard the explosion.

“She’s freaking out, she said that something – sound like somebody hit a car,” said Stallard.

Stallard said he, at first, was concerned about the safety of his family.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” said Stallard.

KIRO 7 also spoke with Michael Lele, who said he saw the aftermath of the ATM explosion America’s Credit Union in Spanaway.

“Unexpected, like a video game,” said Lele. “I do that in video games all the time so to see it in real life, crazy stuff.”

Local police are continuing to investigate with the assistance of the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and Washington State Patrol bomb agencies.

“Someone willing to do that, you never know what else they might be capable of,” said Lacey Police Department Sgt. Jaime Newcomb.

Officers had been searching a suspect since the explosions began March 31.

“We don’t want a bomb going off somewhere in someone’s car or we don’t want innocent people blown up because someone’s putting together a device to attempt to break into an ATM,” said Tacoma Police Department Public Information Officer Loretta Cool.

March 31

Pierce County deputies responded to 911 calls reporting an explosion in Spanaway near 170th Street and Pacific Avenue South. Responding officers found that an ATM at America’s Credit Union had been destroyed. In a search of the area, they found cash, a pistol and car keys in the parking lot of a nearby motel, as well as a car that police called suspicious near the bank.

Bank security footage showed masked suspects tampering with the machine before the explosion. Additional security footage from nearby businesses showed suspects going from the car to the bank and a suspect opening the car door.

April 3

Tacoma police responded to an ATM fire at a Chase Bank in Tacoma in the 6600 block of Sixth Avenue. Security footage showed a masked suspect unsuccessfully attempting to get cash from the scene.

April 4

Lacey police responded to a report of an ATM explosion at Columbia Bank in Lacey. Officers notified other agencies in the area to look out for suspicious activity near ATMs.

April 8

Surveillance video from Columbia Bank in Lakewood showed a masked suspect unsuccessfully attempting to steal cash from an ATM.

April 9

Police responded to a blast at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday near 54th and Pacific Avenue. An FBI bomb technician is looking through the debris in bank's drive-thrulanes where the machine was destroyed.

Video from the scene shows the ATM was blasted apart.

PHOTOS: ATM blown up outside Tacoma bank

There was coordination between the Lacey and Tumwater police departments and after a brief foot chase, the suspect, who was bitten by a K-9, was arrested.