Amazon customers upset after delivery driver abandons packages on side of road

VIDEO: Amazon customers finding their packages dumped on side of street

COVINGTON, Wash. — Amazon customers in Covington are finding their packages dumped on the side of the street like trash.

People in West Seattle say they're also seeing similar problems.

“I was definitely surprised,” said Marina Patoc, who lives in Covington. She saw a bunch of Amazon packages abandoned unceremoniously on the side of the road in her neighborhood Thursday.

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“I saw about over a dozen packages on the dirt,” Patoc said. “I jumped in my car and just loaded them up because I didn't want them to get stolen.”

Her neighborhood is near 157th Place Southeast and Southeast 253rd Place.

About 2 miles away, near Southeast Wax Road and Southeast 261st Street, another neighbor shared photos of the same problem.

Holly West said she saw packages left by the neighborhood’s mailbox on Wednesday, and many of them were still there the next day.

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​“I was actually stopping to get my mail and was like, 'why are there all these boxes on the ground?'” West said. “There were probably six the night before, and unfortunately, I don’t know if people picked some up, but last night there were four left,” she said.

So she picked them up and delivered the packages herself. She said some of the package owners don’t even pick up mail at that mailbox and wouldn’t have seen their packages.

There was also a third case in Covington, but people in the neighborhood say it’s not just their city that's impacted.

“It’s happening around the Covington area, Federal Way,” Patoc said.

“I saw something on the Ring app about it being in West Seattle too,” West said.

At least two neighbors said they never got their packages the past couple of days and wonder if they were stolen while the piles of packages sat outside.

“We order it so it can come to your door. Not to be dropped off in the street. In the dirt,” Patoc said. “That was very surprising and very disappointing.”

Amazon said the driver involved works with a third-party provider and responded in a statement, saying:

“We expect every package to be handled with care. We’ve addressed this with our delivery service partner and will work with customers directly to make things right.”