911 calls released in pit bull attack on UPS driver

VIDEO: 911 calls released in pit bull attack

ORTING, Wash. — KIRO 7 obtained the 911 call from a UPS driver who was attacked by five pit bulls while making a delivery to a home near Orting on Sept. 13.

UPS driver Kevin Backlund called 911 saying he was trapped on a flatbed trailer surrounded by angry, barking pit bulls.

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Backlund: “I’ve been attacked by five pit bulls. I’m a UPS driver.”

He had already been mauled and was bleeding badly as he told operators he desperately needed help.

Dispatcher: “Do you need medical aid?”

Backlund: “Yes. They got a vein. I’m bleeding profusely.”

Dispatcher: “OK. I’m getting paramedics on the line with us. Hold on, OK?”

The 59-year-old Backlund was making a delivery to a home in the McMillan area when the dogs attacked him.

As the dogs continued to threaten Backlund, a 911 operator tried to get more information.

Dispatcher: “Are you back in your rig?”

Backlund: “No, I’m trapped on a trailer. I’m bleeding profusely out of my left leg. They got a vein!”

Dispatcher: “OK. Police are going to get going, but I want you to find a club, any kind of club.”

Backlund: I can’t get off here. They’ve surrounded me.”

As the dogs came closer, Backlund became more desperate, pleading for help.

Backlund: (Dogs barking) “I need help. I’m bleeding badly!”

Dispatcher: “Sir, keep yourself safe. We have police started and the fire department will be responding. If you can, wrap (your leg) up.”

Backlund: “I can’t hear you with the barking.”

Dispatcher: “If you can, wrap it and hold pressure on it. We’re starting help for you.”

Backlund: “I’m going to try. I’m going to try.”

Then, the call ended.

Dispatcher: “Caller? Hello?”

A crew from Orting Valley Fire and Rescue had to ram the gate on the property to get to Backland and pull him to safety.

Backlund needed 133 stitches.

The case could bring criminal charges. Firefighters say the woman who owned the dogs not only refused to open the gate to let firefighters in to help Backlund, but she also refused to get her dogs off of him and threatened to shoot firefighters after they drove in for the rescue.