Police looking for driver after 10-year-old girl hit by car in Parkland

VIDEO: Police looking for driver after 10-year-old girl hit by car in Parkland

PARKLAND, Wash. — New home surveillance video that captured an SUV running from the scene seconds after hitting 10-year-old Katelyn Rogers could help track down a hit-and-run driver.

Video given to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department shows the SUV speeding away from the scene, giving detectives a look at the front of the vehicle.

Another home security system shows Rogers riding an electric scooter near her home on 113th Street South in Parkland on Saturday. She rides to the right of the screen out of sight. Seconds later, the SUV is seen speeding on the quiet street. Eyewitnesses said the driver hit Rogers and kept going.

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"She had road rash from head to toe," said Detective Sgt. Gary Sanders. "And her scooter actually made marks in the concrete where it divotted up, he hit here with such force."

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“This car just came flying through faster than anybody could even react to it,” said Katelyn’s father Aaron Rogers. “They didn’t even bother to stop, they just kept going. They didn’t even slow down.”

Rogers said his daughter sustained serious injuries including several broken bones. She's expected to recover, but it will take time.

“She’s going to be, probably, in a wheelchair for a while,” Rogers said. “She’s going to be in the hospital for several more days and it’s going to be a really long road to recovery.”

Rogers said he was glad his daughter did not suffer brain damage and believed her helmet may have saved her life. She started physical therapy on Monday.

Pierce County sheriff's investigators now say they are looking for a dark SUV but aren't certain of the make or model. Since the incident they've gotten a number of videos from neighbors who have reviewed home recording systems. All the different perspectives give them the information they need to track down the driver.

Detective Sgt. Gary Sanders says the best thing that person can do is come forward as soon as possible.

“Coming forward and taking responsibility is going to look a lot better than later down the road if we have to go seek out and find this person,” Sanders said.

A Crime Stoppers reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the SUV driver.