• Soldier accused of killing wife free on bond to remain on base

    By: Maria Guerrero


    TACOMA, Wash. - A 20-year-old JBLM soldier accused of killing his young wife was allowed to walk out of jail, just hours after his bail was reduced.

    JBLM is now involved in Skylar Nemetz’ release.

    KIRO 7 also obtained 911 calls on Oct. 16.

    “I think someone's just been shot in my neighborhood,” said one neighbor.

    That someone was 19-year-old Danielle Nemetz.

    KIRO 7 listened to the 911 calls neighbors made the evening Danielle was shot in the back of the head with an AR-15 rifle inside the Lakewood apartment she shared with her husband, Skylar.

    The 20-year-old is charged with her murder.

    He posted bail on Friday, hours after a judge approved a reduction from $1 million to $350,000, according to the Pierce County Jail.

    A distraught Nemetz identified himself as Skylar, and was heard several times during the calls for help.

    When the dispatcher asked the caller if the victim was breathing, the caller then asked Skylar, who cried "no."

    “We just heard the guns go off and he said there's an accident," said the female neighbor on the phone with 911.

    Prosecutors claim Nemetz became enraged after learning another man bought his wife liquor.

    Nemetz contends the shooting was an accident. He first told police he was cleaning his gun and didn’t realize it was loaded when it went off.

    Prosecutors argue the soldier was trained to use weapons and owned 15 guns, even leaving his wife one for protection.

    The Pierce County Prosecutor says the AR15 rifle Nemetz used belonged to Danielle.

    One of the conditions of posting bail was a requirement that Nemetz remain at JBLM, which a base spokesperson confirmed.

    Nemetz is now living in the barracks.

    KIRO 7 asked what's being done to ensure he doesn't leave.

    JBLM's spokesperson would only say, “His chain of command is applying safety and accountability measures appropriate to his circumstances and will adjust as his status and requirements change,” said a spokesperson.

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