• How Skyway's infamous 'Mount Anderson' will be leveled

    By: Gary Horcher


    KING COUNTY, Wash. - For thousands of drivers who pass it daily, the four-story high, city block-long pile looming beside Martin Luther King Jr. Way South is just a part of the skyline of Skyway.


    • 4 story concrete eyesore in ‪‎Skyway‬
    • It will be cleaned up
    • Plan to be announced Tuesday morning
    • Neighbor says he has seen pile grow for 25 years

    The pile is a 30-year-old jagged mass of concrete chunks, bricks and blocks from demolished buildings and roads. It has become so large, neighbors dubbed it Mount Anderson, named after the man who owns the company which built the pile, called "Contractors Concrete Recycling."

    Now, King County code enforcers say the business has operated without proper county permits for 30 years and tomorrow, they say they'll shut the business down and start moving the mountain.

    The passing drivers may not yet know they will be helping to pay for the demolition of Mount Anderson.

    A plan to be revealed Tuesday morning by King County Executive Dow Constantine will outline the basics: The County will use at least $400,000 to take court-ordered control of the site, pulverize the concrete into powder, flatten the pile and sell the property to recoup the public investment.

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    Neighbor John Dewyne has seen the pile grow for 25 years. It dominates the view outside his mobile home across the street. He says neighbors have complained for years to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, saying dust from the business has been unbearable for years.

    "I don't want to have to dust my whole house every day," said Dewyne. "I don't want to listen to the noise at six in the morning, and (removing the business) would make it easier to get in and out of here, traffic wise."

    Robert Nelson has lived in the mobile home park across the street from the pile for 43 years.

    "If I look out my window now, all I see is Mount Anderson. For years, I wondered why the EPA didn't just shut it down!"

    KIRO 7 found an EPA order to fine the business $158,000 for failing to contain storm water flowing from the crushed building materials into the Duwamish River.

    The county says the business is now in bankruptcy.

    A Contractors Concrete Recycling worker who did not want to be identified said the business provides a living for 12 families and King County has been "bullying" the company unfairly. The business' owner suggested he would comment after Constantine reveals the county's plan.

    Neighbors, who are expected to speak at the County Executive's news conference, say when the pile goes down, the standard of living will immediately go up.

    "Hopefully a year from now most of the mountain will be gone," said Nelson.

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