• Dozens of shots fired in South Seattle gunfight

    By: Gary Horcher


    SEATTLE - Neighbors in the South Seattle community of Columbia City were shaken Monday night by the sound of dozens of gunshots fired from at least four different shooters.

    One neighbor told KIRO 7 she would evacuate her family because she said it sounded "just like a gun range outside."

    Police say they could not find any victims or the gunmen involved, but they did find three bullet–riddled cars left abandoned at South 38th Avenue and South Oregon Street.

    Bullets appeared to have ripped through a Camaro, Buick and a Chevrolet SUV.

    One neighbor said she saw four men  pull up in the vehicles, get out, and repeatedly fire shots at each other.

    Dozens of multicolored LED lights marked where shell casings dropped along three blocks of the neighborhood where the gunmen apparently chased each other.

    A viewer told KIRO 7 bullets shattered one of her relative's windows. She said no one was hurt.

    Seattle police would not comment on descriptions of the men.  

    Gang unit detectives and crime scene investigators used survey equipment to figure out where the bullets were fired.

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