• Seattle mayor-elect introduces plan for $15 minimum wage

    By: Maria Guerrero


    SEATTLE - Seattle mayor-elect Ed Murray and Socialist City Council member-elect Kshama Sawant ran their campaigns on a $15 an hour promise.

    Both got the jobs.

    But how they each want to get to $15 an hour differs.

    Sawant got ahead of the mayor-elect by holding her own event on Tuesday.

    At a news conference, Sawant said she will introduce an ordinance as soon as she takes office in January to raise the minimum wage from $9.19 to $15 an hour.

    Her plan calls for a city ordinance or taking the issue to Seattle voters.

    Murray supports the 63 percent wage hike, but doesn’t think it should happen all at once.

    During his campaign, Murray said he wants to phase in the $15 minimum wage over four years.

    Sawant responded to Murray’s plan on Tuesday.

    "If by that, it means that any legislation or any bill would be put in place at the end of four years from now, then I think that is too late," she said.

     Thursday, Murray had his turn unveiling his “income inequality advisory team.”

    It will be made up of business and labor advisors that will help him decide who should be covered.

    Murray has previously said he would limit the new wage to big corporations and big fast food chains and exempt small businesses.

    Sawant said she wants as many workers as possible covered by a new wage hike.

    Murray held his news conference Thursday morning at the Seattle Municipal Tower.

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