• Seattle man fights burglar on front lawn, catches whole ordeal on camera

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - A Seattle homeowner fistfights a burglar into submission on his front lawn—and the whole thing is caught on camera, even the intruder's arrest. 

    It happened Saturday night in the Licton Springs neighborhood.

    When Andrew Myers spotted the would-be burglar on his surveillance cameras Saturday night, he confronted him at his own front door.

    “I said ‘what’s up?’ And he said ‘I live here,’ and I said ‘definitely do not live here,’ and he said ‘who are you?’ And I said ‘I definitely do live here buddy,’” Myers told KIRO 7, as he reenacted the conversation on his front porch.

    Myers said the man’s poorly timed punch - “He takes a big step backwards and throws a big haymaker that’s under the camera” - was his cue to get the rest of the brawl on camera, including when police officers made their arrest.

    “I don’t think that’s even from him,” Myers said, showing KIRO 7 his scraped-up knuckles. “I actually think I missed and hit the sidewalk once, but casualties of war I guess.”

    The veteran said he and his girlfriend had been planning for some kind of battle all week. 

    Myers immediately recognized the guy because he’d seen him on surveillance footage when he broke into the basement Tuesday night and actually spent the night there.

    The couple didn’t know he was there until they found clothes and cigarette butts he left behind and reviewed their video.

    “He was moving around my house. It was so scary,” Megan Pierowicz said.

    The suspect didn’t steal anything except for a dress shirt; you could see on camera he managed to button it up backwards.

    “We joked all week about setting this place up ‘Home Alone’ style and having marbles roll down,” Myers said, laughing.

    On Saturday Andrew said the guy came back—maybe for his own stuff, maybe for some of Andrew’s stuff this time. 

    There were no marbles—just a good old-fashioned fistfight to a soundtrack.

    “It’s been a running gag all week with people waiting to see how this thing ends so I did put music to it,” he said, showing us the video of the ordeal he edited together on his computer.

    It’s funny now, but the couple knows things easily could have ended much differently.

    “He might have come upstairs where I was watching a movie and tried to hurt me or assault me,” Pierowicz said.

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