• Seattle looking into solutions to quiet noisy leaf blowers

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - "Seattle City Council members have ordered a study from the Department of Planning and Development to see if anything can be done about leaf blowers that are too loud. "I think it's a great idea," Matt Bean added, "it'll just make it quieter, more livable." City Council member Tom Rasmussen said the study was prompted by complaints from citizens like Bean.

    Council members are asking DPD to see if the leaf blowers people are using are too old, are louder than what the city ordinance allows and if anything can be done about the emissions from the gas generators. "I think that's absolutely ridiculous. I think there's so many other things that they could be cracking down on than leaf blowers," said Sidney Williams. Williams thinks the yearlong study is a waste of time, energy and her tax dollars.

    In the request for the report the proposal noted, "DPD states that without additional resources, it will need to reevaluate its 2014 work plan to eliminate, delay, or reduce the scope of other tasks so that this work can be accomplished."

    "I think the leaf blowers are OK and they're cleaning up my leaves," said Williams.

    The report is due to City Council Sept. 30, 2014.


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