• Seattle CenturyLink climber identified


    SEATTLE - The photos and video still posted on the Internet are jaw-dropping.

    The face of a man was blurred as he tip-toed on top of the Space Needle and balanced on a beam at CenturyLink Field.

    See photos of the CenturyLink, Space Needle climbs here

    His identity has been a secret until now.

    Joseph Carnavale confessed to a KPLU radio reporter that he is the one who has been climbing Seattle landmarks.

    “(It) feels good to get up top, succeed, get off scot-free,” Carnavale told KPLU.

    His conquests include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and buildings in Chicago and New York.

    His website, called No Promise of Safety, proclaimed suspension bridges, construction cranes, and other off-limits areas are his monkey bars.

    Carnavale sometimes climbs with friends.

    He told the radio reporter he's always been comfortable with heights.

    “We don't have death wishes. We're fairly cautious. We take calculated risks," said Carnavale.

    He also said he has never been arrested for trespassing, but confessed that he's met up with security guards and janitors during his climbs, but never a police officer.

     Carnavale declined an interview with KIRO TV, but he told KPLU he's eyeing several skyscrapers and he has no plans to stop.

    "I think I might slow down, but I don't think I'll ever stop,” he said.

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