• SDOT eyes more protected bike lanes in 2015

    By: Maria Guerrero


    SEATTLE - The new year will add more protection to Seattle bicyclists, specifically on Roosevelt Way Northeast.

    The city wants to revamp the existing bike lane into a protected bike lane like the one on 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle.

    It’s welcome news for some.

    “I think the more that we can have around the city the better," said cyclist Cindy Breed.

    It's all part of the Bicycle Master Plan.

    The city wants to build 7 miles of protected bike lanes across Seattle in 2015.

    SDOT aims to start work next year along Roosevelt from NE 45th Street to the University Bridge.

    The goal is to improve safety.

    "It's nice in principle. I'm just really skeptical about the implementation," said Jonathan Colwell.

    Colwell, also a bicyclist, works along the 2nd Avenue protected bike lane.

    "I don't think it was well communicated to the drivers about how it works and, as I biker, I feel safer when I have the mobility to get out of that lane and look out for myself," he said.

    Colwell has seen the confusion among drivers on 2nd Ave but also knows the dangers of too little protection.

    "Years ago I was a bike messenger downtown and got hit. I hit a car because he went through and made a right turn on 4th and right turned in front of me," he remembered.

    There are questions about whether parking and possibly a lane will be removed along the two-lane street.

    Maxx Kaplan said while tough, it's worth it.

    “I've been hit by a car, my best friend's been hit by a car, my girlfriend. So it's also very important to me to have that safety barrier," said Kaplan.

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