• Redmond water main break floods several homes

    By: Maria Guerrero


    Redmond, Wash. - A large water main break in Redmond flooded several homes and left more than a dozen residents without water Sunday morning.

    The police department had to shut down Old Redmond Road from 140th to 148th Avenue Northeast.

    Resident Ellen Hancock says she woke up to a strange noise then saw water, mud and gravel gushing into her backyard.

    "It literally covered the first back step," she said.

    The debris and water came from an 8-inch water main that burst just before 2 a.m. in front of her home.

    “Literally coming into the garage and the kids were panicking, started to cry getting a little, worried and I was like no, no, no it's not a big deal," said Hancock.

    Public works employees rushed to the scene on Old Redmond Road and Northeast 143rd street to dig up the problem.

    The city says this is one of the biggest breaks they've seen in at least two years.

    “We don't know for sure whether it's due to the cold weather, that's a possibility," said Linda DeBoldt, public works director. “Likely it's due to the age of the water main."

    There was so much water pressure that when the main broke, it caused the road to buckle.

    Hancock describes the water looking like a waterfall as it moved downhill into other backyards.

    "I looked out and thought: we've had flash floods here before, but it was all the way to the lawn line there,” said Judy Bailey whose yard was also flooded. “It was just a lot of water."

    The break left 17 homes without water.

    The Hancock's documented the damage in case they need to file a claim with the city's risk management department for damage to their freezer in the garage.

    City workers also spent the morning salting the wet roads.

    Crews also worked to repair the busted pipe which the city estimates to have been installed in the 1970s or 80s.

    It’s not known how long affected residents will be without water.           

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