• Police: Brutal attack in park leaves man without sight

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    BALLARD, Wash. - A man was reportedly blinded after an attacked in Golden Gardens Park. 

    He and his girlfriend were reportedly at the park, at 8498 Seaview Pl. N.W., with other classmates on May 2 when another group of "rowdy" classmates arrived.

    "Out of nowhere" a classmate of the victim tackled him from behind and proceeded to choke him, the Ballard News Tribune reported.

    A friend of the victim separated him from the suspect. When the victim was leaving and asked the suspect why he had tackled him, the suspect reportedly responded by slapping and then punching the victim.

    Then the two groups started fighting. Another suspect held the victim down, and the suspect gouged the victim’s eyes with his thumbs.

    The suspect also pushed sand in the victim’s eyes during the attack, which was described as excruciating pain. The victim’s girlfriend rushed him to Swedish Hospital.

    He was sent to Harborview Medical Center for his optical nerve damage.

    Police said the suspect is an ex-Army soldier who owns weapons and has anger issues. A report said there were alleged two separate accounts of "choking people out" during their time as classmates.

    It's unclear whether the victim's injuries are permanent or temporary. 

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