• People in Snohomish fear floodwaters will reach homes; first responders rescue drivers

    By: Joanna Small


    SNOHOMISH CO., Wash. - The Snohomish River crested Wednesday night in Snohomish but by Thursday night had not receded much.
    If this were the only flood people along the Snohomish were dealing with that wouldn’t be so bad, but we were in this exact spot three weeks ago when the water was even higher.
    “It’s just, ‘Oh, here we go again,’” Scott Creel told us from his driveway in Snohomish. He is quickly becoming a flood survivor.
    “This is one of the water lines, I think it came up to around here though,” he said, pointing to his driveway where there’s still debris. The water has only receded a few feet.
    And that was just this time—but he’s been in four floods this year alone.
    “Two or three weeks ago it came in the garage and I was really worried it was going to happen again, so I put all that stuff up on shelves and moved the cars out,” Scott explained.

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    They are classic cars Scott has had to park on the street too many times.


    “Yeah, I don’t like leaving them on the street and they’re getting soaking wet or whatever, so I’ve got them all covered up, and I hope no one runs into them right there,” Scott said.
    In the garage the floor is barren.
    “Get everything up off the ground, anything with oil or water or gas and stuff, moving stuff up so it doesn’t get damaged,” he told us of his process.
    On the south end of Snohomish, the floodwaters trapped a car so deep, hours after firefighters rescued the man inside it was still there.
    “I seen all the rescue people there to take care of it, yeah, and I seen the bed,” said Elvira Entwisle, who has seen countless vehicles meet the same fate in the 47 years she’s lived on the corner of Connelly and Elliott.
    “There’s always a few that dare it, that will try it regardless,” she told us.
    She hopes the abandoned car will discourage them if the signs don’t.
    “Wish I had a boat,” said Scott, saying that’s the only thing he would drive in this.
    “Maybe it will get better now, I mean I hope there’s no more this year, hopefully, we’ll see,” he concluded.

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