• Pedestrian killed, 3 others injured after being struck by vehicle in Kent


    KENT, Wash. - A pedestrian was killed and three others were injured after being struck by a vehicle Saturday night in Kent.

    Kent fire officials said a family of four was crossing the street one block south of Pacific Highway South and Kent Des Moines Road.

    The family was on the island in the middle of the highway when they started to cross the southbound lanes.

    Fire officials said the family was hit by a pick-up truck.

    A 13-year-old girl died at the scene and three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

    Fire officials said the driver of the truck cooperated with police.

    “The visibility is not that good right now, certainly the ability to brake adequately is lost because of the wet ground. As far as who’s to blame, that’s part of the investigation,” said Capt. Kyle Ohashi with the Kent Fire Department.

    Witnesses described the family crossing at a point along Pacific Highway with bags of toys from Dollar Tree.

    “Brakes screeching, and that was it. And people screaming and running over there,” said Marc Bailey, who saw the aftermath.

    Witnesses said people often walk where there are no crosswalks, because the nearest ones are spread far apart. They also said drivers speed along this highway, even going around buses that frequently stop there.

    Some told KIRO 7 they saw the 13-year-old girl lying motionless, while her mother cried.

    “She kept hitting herself. You know, basically she was beating herself up,” said Rose Armstrong.

    The mother, father, and a toddler were also struck, but their injuries are not life-threatening. They were taken to a nearby hospital by private ambulance.

    The scene was difficult for onlookers, especially one woman who said she thought of her own children as she called 911.

    “Once I noticed that there was a small child involved, I just didn’t look any further,” the witness said.

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