• Organizers: Seattle planned protest is 'inspired by Baltimore'

    By: Gary Horcher


    SEATTLE - Into the early hours of the Baltimore morning, fires sparked by looters left smoldering craters where buildings once stood, and glowing charred ruins of cars lined nearby streets.

    Fifteen police officers were injured as protestors set fires and looted stores in the hours after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a man who died in Baltimore Police custody of a spinal injury. As protestors  officers fought back with batons and tear gas. so far 15 officers have been injured.

    Seattle police are monitoring events in Baltimore, while a local group plans a downtown protest Wednesday, “to stand with Baltimore,” according to organizers.

    Seattle’s October 22nd Coalition revealed plans to begin a march at Westlake Park on Wednesday evening.

    "The thing about Baltimore is people have sent a message,” said Oct. 22nd Coalition organizer Emma Kaplan. “It’s a very powerful message that the days of living with police brutality and murder with people living with this is over."

    Kaplan said the coalition wants to focus the message of police brutality in a protest 48 hours ahead of May Day.

    "We have the right to protest to be out in the streets and any kind of force used on the protestors is completely illegitimate and wrong,” said Kaplan. “(Police) should have hands off! hands off the protestors,” she said.

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