• Whatcom County election finally put to rest, Republicans hold seats

    By: Hanna Scott, MyNorthwest.com


    WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. - The hand recounts are done and Whatcom County has finally certified its election results for two lingering legislative races that were too close to call in November.

    In the House race, Republican Representative Luanne Van Werven holds on to her seat, beating Democrat Justin Bonaeu by 81 votes. Also, Republican incumbent and Trump ally Doug Ericksen will head to Olympia for a third term in the state senate.

    “It is an honor to be re-elected to the state senate by the people of the 42nd Legislative District. Despite being outspent by about $1 million dollars and targeted by out-of-state billionaires, the people of Whatcom County had the final say,” Ericksen said.

    A total of 45 people, to be exact, had that final say. That’s how many votes separated Ericksen from his Democratic opponent Pinky Vargas, a Bellingham city council member.

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    Ericksen congratulated Vargas for running an excellent campaign after the results were announced. He wished her the “best of luck in the future.”

    “We will face many challenges in Olympia in the coming year,” Ericksen said. “I hope the Democrats will listen to the will of the people and stop pushing massive new energy taxes. There are many places where Republicans and Democrats can work together, but massive tax increases is not one those places.”

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